BY Alyse

Nutrition Trivia 101

Just because you know fruits and vegetables are good for you and you can differentiate healthy fats from unhealthy fats, does NOT mean that you are well-versed in the nutrition field. Take the following quiz to find out if your basic nutrition knowledge is up to par.


1. True/False: Guava fruit contains nearly 50 percent more of the cancer-fighting compound called lycopene than the tomato.

2. An adequate iron intake is needed to deliver oxygen to all the body’s tissues. The USDA recommends that you get 18mg of iron per day (if you are a menstruating female). Which of the following foods is able to meet this recommended daily intake of iron?

a) Enriched Bran flakes, 1 ounce
b) Oysters, 6
c) Clams, 6
d) Enriched Cream of Wheat, 1 cup

3. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of vitamin E?

a) Helps protect cells from free radical damage
b) May prevent common eye conditions, such as macular degeneration and cataracts
c) Works as a mild blood thickener, making clots more likely to form
d) Helps keep the bad (LDL) cholesterol in your blood from attaching to your artery walls, thereby lowering your risk of a heart attack.

4. True/False: Bulgur is a whole grain.

5. Which of the following snacks does NOT contain trans fat?

a) Nature Valley Granola Bar
b) Kellogg’s Special K Bars
c) Coffee Mate Coffee Creamer
d) Nabisco Animal Crackers

6. Which of the following meals is highest in protein?

a) Met Rx SourceOne high protein bar and an 8 ounce glass of calcium-fortified orange juice
b) Peanut butter sandwich on whole-wheat bread (made with 2 tbsp peanut butter) and an 8 ounce glass of skim milk
c) Grilled chicken sandwich (3oz chicken) on a white bun with lettuce, tomato and mustard
d) 3-bean salad made with 1/2 cup each of kidney beans, lentils, and black beans and a whole-wheat pita with 1/4 cup hummus.

7. True/False: Soy sauce helps to thin the blood.

8. True/False: 1 ounce of chicken contains more protein than 1/2 cup of beans, 1ounce of cheese, and 3 ounces firm tofu.

9. Which foods have the highest water content?

a. Fruits

b. Vegetables

c. Fish

d. both a and b

10. True/False: 1 ounce of chicken contains more protein than 1/2 cup of beans, 1ounce of cheese, and 3 ounces firm tofu.


1. True- While tomatoes are good sources of lycopene (and most commonly associated with the nutrient), guava fruit is an excellent source. Lycopene, which is one of several kinds of carotenoids known for its antioxidant properties, helps prevent prostate cancer, may decrease the risk and growth of other cancers, and may make your arteries younger.

2. A-Enriched bran flakes contain 18.2mg iron in 1ounce, which meets the recommended 18mg daily dose. The enriched cream of wheat provides 9mg per cup, while 6 oysters contain 7mg and 6 clams have 6mg. *Note – the oysters and clams contain heme-iron, which is more bio-available than the non-heme iron in the cereals.

3. C- Vitamin E actually works as a mild blood thinner, making clots less likely to form. Therefore, individuals who are on blood thinner medications (such as warfarin/coumadin) should consult their physicians if they are also taking over-the-counter vitamin E supplements due to the enhanced blood thinning effect of the vitamin E supplement.

4. B- Frappaccino will be least satisfying because the body processes liquids differently than solid foods. Liquids are digested more quickly and do not fulfill appetite over the long haul. Cookies, cheese and fruit and sandwiches are comprised of a variety of macronutrients (carbohydrates, fat and protein) which are digested at different rates and satisfy our body’s needs.

5. Mostly True- Bulgur, for all practical purposes, is considered a whole grain. However, as much as 5% of the bran may be removed in processing. Bulgur is made by soaking and cooking the whole wheat kernel, drying it, removing up to 5% of the bran and cracking the remaining kernel into small pieces.

6. A- Nature Valley Granola Bar.

7. D- 3-bean salad with pita and hummus provides 30 grams of protein. The runner up is the grilled chicken sandwich with 27 grams of protein. The peanut butter sandwich and milk comes in third place with 22 grams protein. Ironically, the “high protein” Met Rx SourceOne bar comes in last with only 16 grams protein.

8. True- Soy sauce contains anti-platelet compounds that may help thin the blood. This, in turn, could help reduce the risk of clotting and stroke. However, soy sauce is also high in sodium, which can increase blood pressure; therefore, if you use soy sauce to season your food, use it sparingly and opt for the low-sodium variety. Don’t use it with the hopes of thinning your blood!

9. D- Both fruits and vegetables contain approximately 80-95% water. If you eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables you will reap the nutrient benefits and hydrate yourself simultaneously. It’s important to note that all food has some water in it.

10. False- all three foods contain the same amount of protein- 7 grams.