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by Ann B. (via Google) on Nutrition Bite

Alyse was truly a God send for me. She helped me re-define the relationship I had with food and disordered thinking concerning eating. She freed me from all the diet restrictions that I had held myself to for years, and for the first time in a very long time, I am able to eat regular foods and not feel the guilt that I was always plagued with. Alyse is extremely knowledgeable and understanding in her practice and has helped me learn how to stay patient and mindful in my daily life- extending even further beyond meals and food in general- to work, life and relationships. She has helped me mature and grow into myself- making me more confident and steady, ready to take on life without always keeping weight and dieting involved in my thoughts. Meeting with her for the intensive 8 week program has changed my life, and I would be confident to say that it would help anyone who feels discouraged and lost with all the conflicting dieting messages out there. Alyse is incredible and will work with out in whatever place that you're in. Go see her and start living!

by Natasha L. (via Google) on Nutrition Bite

I've always had terrible food habits and have been on crazy diets on and off for nearly 15 years. I finally decided to try working with a nutritionist in an effort to find a permanent solution to this bad situation, and could not be happier that I found Alyse. I've been working with her for nearly a year now, and the difference is like night and day. Not only have I lost weight, more importantly, I have a much healthier, sane relationship with food. Where I used to gorge at every meal and feel guilty for it after - I no longer have such self-destructive food habits. I have a much healthier relationship with food now and enjoy my meals so much more. I'm incredibly thankful that I found Alyse. I went to her originally expecting to get a specific list of foods to eat / not eat and maybe a detailed meal plan...and got much, much more than that. She's coached me to learn new healthy food habits, and given me confidence in myself that I won't "ruin my diet" when I'm on my own, or eating out with friends. Best thing I ever did for myself!

by Josh W (via Google) on Nutrition Bite

It has been about a month since first meeting with Alyse. I scheduled an appointment with her after watching myself gain 15 pounds in a year and a half. Her program is innovative, simple and empowering, and no review will adequately capture or convey how effective she can be at helping you meet your weight loss or food-related goals. As soon as I made a few adjustments to the way I was eating, the weight started to come off. And as great as it feels to have already lost 11 pounds, I am more focused on the confidence and insight Alyse has helped me to gain. Working with Alyse has exceeded my every expectation, and I would not hesitate recommending her to anyone looking for a way to make lasting, healthy changes to their diet. It is also worth noting that Alyse is extremely humble. I cannot stress enough how refreshing it is to find someone who doesn’t need to posture or pontificate in order to seem relevant.

by Anonymous (via Google) on Nutrition Bite

Alyse is one of the most informed, balanced and incredible professionals I have encountered when it comes to food, nutrition and overall balance and well being. I highly recommend Alyse Levine and her practice. It will truly change the way you approach food and life in a permanent and positive way. For anyone struggling with food or being healthy, make the time and check out her site and her approach. She has truly changed my life for the better!

by Anonymous (via Google) on Nutrition Bite

Alyse is as good as it gets. I started seeing Alyse when I almost reached that dreaded 200 lbs. Never thought I would be there. Sweets began to control my life -- I was always grocery shopping for that one sweet that would perfectly "satisfy" me and, of course, it did not. In desperation I went to my doctor who referred me to Alyse. Immediately Alyse made it feel possible for me to look at eating in a whole different way. In a year and a half I have lost about 35 - 40 lbs. and definitely reduced my weight set point. Alyse does not push you or rush you -- she listens and understands where you are and structures monthly goals that are fun and easy to meet. I look forward to seeing Alyse every month. Her support and encouragement are a godsend

by Brigitte A. (via Yelp) on Nutrition Bite

10/06/2011 NutritionBite was honestly the first place that I felt I was making a permanent lifestyle change rather than a temporary diet. The staff is amazing and I truly felt so comfortable sharing everything I was worried about. I truly learned how to eat to live and live to eat in a positive way!

by Anonymous (via Google) on Nutrition Bite

Alyse will explain how to integrate nutritional eating into your personal lifestyle. If you follow Alyse's advice eating healthy will start to become second nature!

by Minna T. (via Yelp) on Nutrition Bite

Alyse is fantastic since she helps you change your eating habits instead of putting you on a diet. I lost the weight I wanted to lose and now I am just maintaining my new weight.

by mountainbiker99 (via Citysearch) on Nutrition Bite

I give Alyse Levine my highest recommendation! She is professional, thorough, and possesses a wealth of knowledge about nutrition. She offers structure and encouragement to help you achieve your goals and teaches you how to think about eating. Alyse will explain how to integrate healthful eating into your personal lifestyle. If you follow Alyse's advice eating healthy will start to become second nature!

by Fiona A. (via Yelp) on Nutrition Bite

I had a solid understanding of nutrition and worked out regularly but I have to say after 40 years Alyse changed my perspective about food entirely. Unlike so many fad diets and rigid food plans, Alyse allows her clients to eat real food without over thinking it. No item is taboo, she is completely open and she's an excellent partner. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

by cooksatlanta (via Citysearch) on Nutrition Bite

Alyse is just what I was looking for in a nutritionist......I needed an approach that would teach me how to eat, not to diet. Alyse has provided just that and I am now eating intuitively. She has taught me that there are no forbidden foods, how to uncover all the hidden rules I've had about eating and exercise and how to eat and exercise freely. Alyse has been very patient with my ups and downs, ready to offer encouragement and a new way to think about food and the control it has had over me for years. She has left no stone unturned and continues to provide meaningful and realistic goals each week. If you are looking for a radical but very practical view of food and diets and what is actually healthy, Alyse is the only person I would ever suggest.

by Eileen A. (via Yelp) on Nutrition Bite

I think anyone could benefit from Alyse's services and refreshing approach to nutrition, whether trying to lose weight or just maintain a healthier lifestyle. It is amazing how aware I have become of my own and everyone else's eating habits as a result of my new found mindfulness.

by Bruno J (via Yelp) on Nutrition Bite

Alyse is doing her very best to adapt your weight loss journey to your cravings.

by Julia C. (via Yelp) on Nutrition Bite

Stop listening to all the buzz in our culture about diets, fads and easy quick fixes......START listening to Alyse. You will be so thankful you found her! I wish I'd had the courage to call her years ago. She has helped me get my life back.

by sypark (via Citysearch) on Nutrition Bite

She gives practical, actionable, and simple solutions that anyone can implement. As a physician and surgeon, I strongly recommend her professional services.

by Mariah O. (via Yelp) on Nutrition Bite

My biggest regret is not going to Alyse sooner. For the first time in my life, I finally have control over food. You can spend years doing crash diets and workout fads but she will help you change your life in a way that you can maintain a healthy, beautiful body weight.

by mko13 (via Citysearch) on Nutrition Bite

In less than 3 months working with Alyse I was able to lose over 11 pounds and I have honestly never felt better!

by tiger777 (via Citysearch) on Nutrition Bite

besides losing weight and feeling good about myself, i also feel much more balanced, less hungry (as i eat more often) and more energetic. the only regret i have is that i wished i would have called her 3 years earlier!!!!

by Alan I. (via Yelp) on Nutrition Bite

If you're serious about getting help with your weight you will never find someone better than Alyse. She's truly the best. I'm down 40 lbs. and I plan on losing more with her help.

by Tom W. (via Yelp) on Nutrition Bite

I started with her in February of 2009, lost 41 pounds between then and August and have kept the weight off since and am still going strong.

by Michael P (via Yelp) on Nutrition Bite

My 4 basic food groups are cookies, cake, ice cream and candy. So, if Alyse can help me lose weight, and I've lost 33 lbs and halfway to my goal in just over 4 months, she can help anyone. She's encouraging, extremely patient and understanding. And just as important as losing the weight, Alyse has taught me how to eat properly, in moderation, and still be able to enjoy the foods I love.

by Vaishalee B (via Yelp) on Nutrition Bite

She is a wealth of knowledge and is very quick to respond to questions via email. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to lose weight or just get on track with healthy eating.

by Rachel H (via Yelp) on Nutrition Bite

I highly recommend Alyse for anyone looking to lose weight or anyone battling IBS. I have never felt deprived of anything. She has never advised me to cut anything completely out of my diet. If you are going to invest in your health, invest in Alyse. You are guaranteed to get your moneys worth.

by AJ C (via Yelp) on Nutrition Bite

Alyse helped me back to my pre-baby body, but even more importantly, helped me to have a healthy relationship with food. I would highly recommend Alyse to anyone looking for a nutritionist. She is very encouraging and will never judge you if you slip up.

by Jennifer W (via Yelp) on Nutrition Bite

n the short time I have worked with with Alyse I have already started looking at food differently. She is helping learn how to feed myself the right way. I am glad I found a knowledgeable and friendly ally in what seemed to be an impossible task. What can I say, I feel lucky to have found her.

by Katie R (via Yelp) on Nutrition Bite

If you're looking for a great nutritionist in LA or a weight loss program that you can stick to and actually works, make an appointment with Alyse.

by Helen B. (via Yelp) on Nutrition Bite

New emotions and a new me are emerging and I love it! I look forward to seeing Alyse every month. Her support and encouragement are a godsend!

by Lesli F (via Yelp) on Nutrition Bite

Alyse Levine changed my life. She showed me how easy and fun being healthy can be with little education, subtle changes and most importantly no crazy dieting!

by Erica R (via Yelp) on Nutrition Bite

Alyse rocks! I have been seeing her pretty regularly for about the last year and half, and I've got to say that it's been a pretty life transforming process. I see food in a totally different -- and healthier -- way. I don't know that I've ever felt healthier, and I love it! I owe those great feelings to Alyse!!

by L.A. (via Yelp) on Nutrition Bite

Alyse worked closely with me to create a nutrition plan that fit my needs and lifestyle. And in addition to our regular follows up, she was great about checking in or answering questions via email. And love all the information available on her website!

by Rachelle W. (via Yelp) on Nutrition Bite

I used to do 5 spin classes a week and still not lose pounds... after my first visit with her, I was already losing about a pound a week. I recommend her to anyone looking to make a positive difference in their life and get off the "diet wagon" for once and all.

by CRRockwell (via Citysearch) on Nutrition Bite

Alyse is just an awesome nutritionist. With her help, I have lost about 25 pounds and am confident that the weight will stay off. Alyse helps you change your lifestyle and eating habits for long term success. I am very grateful for her help and would recommend her to anyone that is serious about getting in shape.

by am328 (via Citysearch) on Nutrition Bite

I've lost 25 pounds and I know they're not coming back. Alyse is the best and I highly recommend her to anyway who really wants to lose weight and keep it off. No yo-yo diets and no restrictions. Alyse has helped me establish a healthy permanent lifestyle for which I am eternally grateful.

by sniffer (via Citysearch) on Nutrition Bite

Alsye Levine has helped me change my life around. With her counceling I have lost 90 pounds!! She has wonderful way of makeing eating healthy your way of life.

by juliabe (via Citysearch) on Nutrition Bite

Her philosophy towards food is not that of a quick fix/fad diet but more so a lifestyle change. She analyzed my eating habits and catered a plan to my food preferences and busy schedule. No food is off limit and I never feel deprived.

by stepha6 (via Citysearch) on Nutrition Bite

I feel better than I have in years and would strongly recommend NutritionBite to people with all types of nutritional needs!!

by sarahmistah (via Citysearch) on Nutrition Bite

Athletes Dream Nutritionist. I am currently working with Alyse on my off season sports nutrition. She is very knowledgeable on the mind and hunger levels of athletes. She truely tests and reviews your personal daily nutrition to accurately produce a sound meal plan that leaves you feeling full and satisfied while keeping off the unwanted pounds while taking a break from heavy training levels. Thanks Alyse!

by dlub2003 (via Citysearch) on Nutrition Bite

The nutritionist that heads this outfit is just plainly amazing. Young but exceptionally knowledgeable, very committed, very thorough. I was in awe at her insights and how much she cares about helping people live a healthier life.

by shannonak (via Citysearch) on Nutrition Bite

Simply the Best!. Alyse is the best! I have been to other nutritionists here in LA that refused to let me eat certain "categories" of foods, and I have been on other "lifestyle" diets, but Alyse re-taught me how to look at food for what it does FOR me not TO me (carbs have a purpose!) .

by wavesplash2002 (via Citysearch) on Nutrition Bite

I always feel better about my situation after my visits with Alyse. I highly recommend her - even if her location is out of your way. I travel 45 minutes to see her regularly and she is worth every mile and dollar!!

by marnie226 (via Citysearch) on Nutrition Bite

Alyse has taught me to rethink my perception of food and how to eat healthfully and has provided great tips for grocery shopping, travel and social events. The scale continues to trend downward, and I feel more confident and healthy than ever.

by Laura M. (via Yelp) on Nutrition Bite

Alyse is so informative and practical and the best part about going to see her is that IT WORKS! There's no dieting or anything like that...I've never felt healthier. If you are looking to finally get on track with the right eating habits (for what works for you) then I highly recommend seeing her.

by azadehk (via Citysearch) on Nutrition Bite

Alyse doesn't put you on a "diet." She provides you with the knowledge and the tools to eating right based on your individual needs and your lifestyle. Diets come and go, but knowledge stays.

by corrieander (via Citysearch) on Nutrition Bite

Her support has literally changed my life. And it's been working with her one on one that has been the key to progress in this area of my life. I would reccomend her to anyone wanting to address any nutrition-based health issues. She's terrific.

by Jeremy l. (via Yelp) on Nutrition Bite

Whether you're looking to fix a problem or just improve your health and the way you eat, I'd recommend Alyse without any reservations.

by laamy (via Citysearch) on Nutrition Bite

She gave me what I needed...a straight forward plan that fit my likes and dislikes and so far I have lost 20 pounds! I certainly have run up against roadblocks, but she has never made me feel bad...just offered up new solutions. I would highly recommend her to anybody that is tired of dieting and is ready to change their life.

by lelalala (via Citysearch) on Nutrition Bite

I never feel deprived and after 5 months I see drastic changes in the way I eat that I know will last me longterm.

Also, Alye's website is a great a source of information that I can always use as a reference during the week and if I have a question, she is always easily accessible. If you are looking for a nutritionist, I recommend you give her a try! She's the best!

by toninyc (via Citysearch) on Nutrition Bite

My highest Recommendation!!. I felt extremely comfortable with Alyse from our first meeting. She is extremely personable and warm. Alyse took a lot of time to get to know my history, nutritional habits and preferences. She helped me to learn healthier habits and how to make smarter nutritional choices.

by merb on Nutrition Bite

Amazing!. I had 8 months to lose weight before my much anticipated wedding. After struggling with many of the fad diets on the market, I decided it was time to meet with a nutritionist! After doing tons of research, I found Alyse Levine, at NutritionBite. All I can say is Thank God!

by annjacobs (via Citysearch) on Nutrition Bite

Best Nutritionist ever. My experiences working with Alyse were fantastic. She created a plan for me that was completely individualized to my needs and preferences and she taught me how to eat well without depriving myself. I was able to easily lose weight and reach my goals without feeling like I was on a diet. Alyse is wonderful to work with and extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone.

by jcsnyc (via Citysearch) on Nutrition Bite

Alyse's personalization, her ability to work around specific needs, likes and dislikes make her an extraordinary nutritionist - and one who can really get you on the right track.

by ehoffman (via Citysearch) on Nutrition Bite

Great Personal Attention. Alyse is a true professional. She is extremely knowledgable about diet and nutrition. She works with you to achieve your goals in a realistic manner. She offer great diet suggestions and encouragement to stay with your program. In addition, she is a delightful person and extremely likeable.

by lisamp on Nutrition Bite

Best of the best! Alyse is very smart, extremely personable and I felt absolutely comfortable with her from our first meeting. I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in eating healthy for the rest of their lives.

by ljny (via Citysearch) on Nutrition Bite

Alyse is very intelligent, professional and also an absolute pleasure to work with.