Achieve your weight loss goals with L.A.’s #1 Nutritionist

I’m on a mission to free people from the ineffective diet mindset… and achieve healthy, lasting weight loss.

I’ve helped hundreds of men and women break free from the cycle of restrictive dieting and overeating, so they can get back in touch with their bodies, enjoy their food, and let the excess pounds melt away — without feeling a drop of deprivation.

My approach is simple, proven, and sane.

My method of counseling runs counter to much of the “conventional wisdom” about diet and weight loss. In my clinical experience as a dietitian (and in my past experience as a struggling dieter), the conventional wisdom is just plain wrong. After years of counseling my clients to diet and exercise — and watching them fail miserably — I set out to find a better, more sustainable way. Nutritionbite and my Eating Reset approach offer that better way.

By reconnecting you to your body’s natural signals of hunger, fullness, and satisfaction, my programs empower you to eat what you love, lose weight, and easily relax into the healthy diet that’s right for your body: eating CLEAN.

We define eating CLEAN as:

– Choosing real foods
– Losing the diet mindset
– Eating mindfully
– Assessing your hunger
– No deprivation

This revolutionary approach is research-backed and gaining traction in the mainstream media. I have been featured as an expert nutritionist on a number of nationally televised programs, including Good Morning AmericaThe Doctors,USA Today, and in many national publications as well.

I offer private, individualized nutrition counseling to promote general wellness, weight loss, and treat a wide range of nutrition-related diseases.

My newest offering, Eating Reset, is a comprehensive, 4-week, multimedia program that offers the very best of my weight loss approach. Learn more by clicking the Eating Reset link in the navigation bar.

I live, work, and play in Los Angeles with my husband and two children.

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How it works

Simply fill out the short contact form above & make sure your information is correct before submitting. Alyse or one of her Nutritionbite associates will call you to discuss your needs and challenges. If there is a good fit, you will set up your first appointment. Appointments can take place in the Nutritionbite Los Angeles practice or virtually through Skype.


Our services range in price based on the number of sessions a particular client commits to, and whether the client is seeing Alyse or one of the Associates. Typically, the initial consultation is the most expensive, due to the extensive preparatory work Alyse and/or the Associate completes for each client. Follow-up sessions cost significantly less. We offer several flat-fee packages which significantly reduce the overall cost of our services. Currently, packages range from $395-$595 for 3 sessions and $825-$1,295 for 8 total sessions. Online discounts are not applicable to packages.


Alyse Levine MS, RD
Nutritionbite Founder

Professional Bio
Alyse Levine M.S., R.D. is the founder of Nutritionbite LLC: a nutrition consulting practice based in Los Angeles. Alyse’s philosophy frees people from the ineffective dieting mindset, so they get back in tune with their body’s natural signals and achieve healthy, lasting weight loss. She provides private nutrition counseling to promote general wellness and treat a wide range of nutrition-related diseases.

As one the country’s most respected authorities on nutrition, Alyse has appeared as an expert nutritionist on Good Morning America, Discovery Health, The Doctors, KTLA, KCAl9 and KABC. She has also been featured in numerous media outlets, including USA Today,, Marie Claire,, Weight Watchers Magazine, Life & Style, Maxim, Shape, Health, Self, Fitness, Today’s Dietitian and Women’s Running magazine, and many others.

Alyse graduated summa cum laude from The University of Pennsylvania, with a major in economics and a minor in nutrition. After completing a combined Masters/Dietetic Internship program at New York University and The Bronx Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Alyse became a registered dietitian and received her Masters in clinical nutrition.

Alyse is a member of the American Dietetic Association; the Greater Los Angeles Dietetic Association; the Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutritionists Dietetic Practice Group; and the Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietetics Practice Group.

Alyse lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.