BY Alyse

How Well Do You Know What You Are Eating?


1) Which of the following foods contains the LEAST amount of calcium?
a. 1/2 cup cottage cheese
b. 1 cup broccoli
c. 1 cup navy beans
d. 1 cup kale
e. 3oz salmon filet with bones

2) If you don’t have access to an ingredient list, which food is likely to have the added sugar?

a. granola cereal
b. dried fruit
c. regular ice cream
d. all of the above

3) True or False: Whole-wheat bread has MORE fiber per slice than rye, pumpernickel, or multi-grain bread.

4) Which of the following foods contains the LEAST amount of sodium?
a. 3 tablespoons of salted, roasted peanuts
b. 1 cup canned vegetable soup
c. 2 ounces teriyaki sauce
d. 1 cup V-8 juice

5) True or False: Meat, chicken, fish, milk, nuts, tofu, bread, cereal, pasta, and vegetables are all sources of protein.


1)A- cottage cheese (87mg), broccoli (180mg), navy beans (140mg), kale (210mg), salmon (210mg)

2)D-all of these foods have added sugar. Your best bet is to stick to the foods that will contain the least amount of ingredients and the most natural ingredients. 3)False- all of the breads contain 3 grams of fiber per slice and are all considered good sources of fiber.

4)A- peanuts (120mg), canned soup (1626mg), teriyaki sauce (1226mg), V-8 juice (650mg)

5) True- 1 ounce meat, chicken, fish, nuts, or tofu (7gm protein), 1 cup milk (12gram protein), 1 slice bread (3gm protein), 3/4 cup cereal (3gm protein), 1/2 cup cooked pasta (3gm protien), 1 cup raw vegetables (2gm protein)