My husband is diabetic and he was told to drink decaf coffee or tea rather than regular to help keep his sugar down? Is there truth to that and if he drinks decaf does he lose any nutrients not found in decaf? Why drink it if it isn’t helping nutritionally?

In regards to drinking decaf versus caffeinated coffee/tea…if you are only drinking 1-2 cups per day, either is fine. However, recent studies show that drinking between 3-6 cups of decaf coffee/day raises one’s LDL (bad) cholesterol, whereas 3-6 cups regular coffee does not raise LDL cholesterol. Since diabetics are at greater risk of heart disease than the general population, it is better off for your husband to opt for regular coffee. Furthermore, some studies have shown improved insulin sensitivity in type 2 diabetics from drinking regular coffee, but not with decaf coffee.


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