BY Alyse

Are You a Nutrition Expert?

While not everyone performs surgery, designs websites, or trades stocks, eating food is something that everyone does. Many people consider themselves “experts” when it comes to nutrition and food. This bite tests some basic nutrition knowledge to see if those so called nutrition experts out there really know as much as they think they do!


1. True or False: Baked chips are ALWAYS a better option than fried chips.

2. Which of the following foods is highest in fiber?
a) 1 tablespoon of flaxseed
b) 1 slice of 100% whole wheat bread
c) 1 medium avocado
d) 1/2 cup lentils

3. Which of the following foods is a complete source of protein (contains all nine essential amino acids)?
a) Hummus
b) Couscous
c) Peanut Butter
d) Baked Beans

4. Consuming low-fat yogurt has been associated with many health benefits. Which of the following is NOT one of them?
a) Protects against weight gain and type 2 diabetes
b) Reduces the risk of high blood pressure
c) Reduces the risk of osteoporosis
d) Aids in the metabolism of food into energy
e) Improves memory and concentration

5. If you consumed one less tablespoon of sugar in your coffee each day without changing anything else in your diet, you would lose ________ pounds over a year.
a) 1
b) 5
c) 10
d) 15

6. Which of the following beverages has the least amount of caffeine?
a) 1 shot of espresso
b) 12 oz cup of instant coffee
c) 12 oz Sunkist Orange Soda
d) 12 oz cup iced tea

7. Chili peppers are considered natural remedies for all of the following, EXCEPT:
a) Fighting respiratory disease, such as the common cold
b) Preventing stomach ulcers
c) Preventing constipation
d) Decreasing “bad” LDL cholesterol
e) Easing the discomfort of psoriasis, nerve pain, and arthritis

8. True or False: Consuming too many carrots can lead to a very dangerous condition called carotenosis.

9. Which of the following foods is highest in sodium?
a) 2 slices of bacon
b) 1/2 cup instant chocolate-flavored pudding
c) 1/2 cup cottage cheese
d) 1 tablespoon ketchup

10. Apricots are known to provide many health benefits. Which of the following is NOT one of them?
a) Increased fertility
b) Joint pain relief
c) Heart disease prevention
d) Eye protection


1. False: Just because a food product is cholesterol-free does not mean that it is healthy; it can still be loaded in fat and calories. Food products can only contain cholesterol if they are made with an ingredient of animal origin. However, fat can be present in both animal and plant-based products. Therefore, crackers are not necessarily healthier than baked potato chips. For example, 10 generic cholesterol-free crackers may contain 150 calories and 7.5grams of fat, while 10 baked potato chips may only contain 85 calories and 0.75grams of fat!

2. G- Avocado-contains 6.8grams of fiber. 1 slice of 100% whole wheat bread contains 3grams of fiber. 1/2 cup lentils contain 5.2grams of fiber. 1 tablespoon of flaxseed contains 3 grams of fiber.

3. A- Hummus. Complete proteins contain all nine essential amino acids (the body cannot make them on its own). While most complete proteins are of animal origin, hummus (a plant-based food) is actually a product of complimentary proteins (chickpeas and sesame paste), and when complimentary proteins are combined they provide all the essential amino acids. Therefore, hummus can be considered a complete protein source. On the other hand, couscous, peanut butter, and baked beans are all incomplete protein sources since they do not contain all nine essential amino acids.

4. E-Improve memory and concentration are not considered benefits of consuming yogurt. However, consuming yogurt has been shown to help protect against weight gain and type 2 diabetes, reduce the risk of high blood pressure, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, and aid in the metabolism of food into energy. These benefits can be attributed to the fact that yogurt is rich in calcium, riboflavin, protein, vitamin D, potassium and vitamin A, just to name a few.

5. D- 5 pounds. There are close to 50 calories in one tablespoon of sugar. If one consumed 50 less calories everyday over an entire year (without changing anything else in their intake or physical activity) they would lose 5 pounds!

6. A- 1 shot of espresso has 35mg of caffeine. 12 oz cup of instant coffee has 115mg of caffeine. 12 oz Sunkist Orange Soda has 40mg of caffeine. 12 oz cup iced tea has 40-75mg. Note: While espresso has the least caffeine per drink above, if you compare the drinks ounce for ounce, espresso is the strongest.

7. C- Constipation prevention is not a benefit of consuming chili peppers. However, chili peppers are well renowned for their numerous healing powers. Chili peppers are often turned to as natural remedies for fighting respiratory diseases, such as the common cold, preventing stomach ulcers, decreasing “bad” LDL cholesterol, and easing the discomfort of psoriasis, nerve pain, and arthritis. These benefits may be due to chili peppers being rich in a chemical called capsaicin (which gives the peppers their sting) and the antioxidants vitamin C and beta-carotene.

8. False: While it is true that if you eat too many carrots you may experience a condition called carotenosis, in which the skin turns a faint orange hue, this condition is NOT at all dangerous. The simple remedy is to stop eating carrots, and within a day or two your skin color should return to normal.

9. B- 1/2 cup instant chocolate-flavored pudding contains 470mg of sodium. 2 slices of bacon contains 290mg of sodium. 1/2 cup cottage cheese contains 458mg of sodium. 1 tablespoon ketchup contains 156mg of sodium.

10. B- Joint pain relief is not attributed to consuming apricots. However, increasing fertility, preventing heart disease and protecting the eyes are considered benefits of apricot consumption. Apricots are rich in fiber, carotenoids, lycopene, vitamin A, and a mineral needed for the production of sex hormones…a very healthy fruit, to say the least!