Become an Eating Reset Affiliate – It’s easy!

At Eating Reset, we know that our innovative, research-based, hoax-free eating program has helped hundreds of people lose weight, keep it off, and revolutionize their relationships with food.

And importantly, our success relies on the most powerful form of marketing– your referrals! To show our sincere appreciation for these referrals, we have created an “Affiliate Program” that allows us to send proper “thanks” in the form of a percentage of all purchases made that we attribute to you each time one of your referrals checks out in our shopping cart using your special link. This is easy for you to do, and totally cost-free.  

We know that your primary motive in referring clients is not to make money, and we’re happy you believe in what we do!   We also recognize that, depending on your employment or profession, an affiliate commission may not be appropriate when you refer clients to us. However, we want to make this option available to those interested as a way to say thanks for spreading the good word! 

If you have clients, patients, friends, or family members that are sick of struggling with their weight, yo-yo dieting, overeating, or engaging in binge and restrict patterns, you may be able to help. Join our affiliate program and start earning referral commissions.   

It’s easy to start!  Here are the details:

Once you have completed Eating Reset, you can sign up here to apply to become an affiliate.  We will check back with you to make sure the fit is good, and when you are approved, you will receive a unique link to our website. You can share this link with your contacts by placing it on your company website, or sending it in newsletters or emails it to clients, friends, and family members. The link contains a code that will allow you to receive a thank you commission anytime one of your contacts uses it to purchase our products and/or services. An added bonus: with this link, your clients will be able to purchase Eating Reset at a special discounted rate.

Where do I begin?

Again, sign up here indicating your interest in becoming an affiliate.  We will follow up with you, and once approved will give you your special link with tracking code so you can place it on your website or in your emails to encourage people to learn more about Eating Reset and/or purchase resources that will help them achieve a healthy lifestyle.

We value your referrals and confidence in Eating Reset! Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions.